Would you be covered in these 5 scenarios?

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Accidents happen on the road. A deer could dart across your path, a tree branch could come crashing down or you could make a simple mistake as you hurry to get to work. 

Does your policy kick in after these kinds of events?

Let’s look at five things that could easily happen to any driver and see if they’d be covered.

Your Friend Wrecks Your Car

Your friend’s car is in the shop, so you lend them yours for the day. What happens if they end up involved in a fender bender?

Your insurance typically follows your vehicle. If you have collision insurance, the damage may be covered. If your friend caused the accident, your liability insurance could help cover the losses others suffer, too.

A Tree Falls on Your Truck

A storm rages through the night and you wake up to find a big tree lying across the hood of your truck. Not to worry — comprehensive auto insurance most likely covers damage from storms.

A Pothole Takes Out Your Muffler

What looks like a shallow puddle ends up being a massive pothole, resulting in a jolt, a thud and some serious damage. Though your deductible may be too high to cover minor issues, in a situation where significant repairs are needed, you may choose to file a claim.

Your Car Is Vandalized

Someone keyed your car and damaged your paint job pretty badly. Your comprehensive insurance should cover you, so you might want to file a claim if the damage exceeds the amount of your deductible.

Oops! You Backed Into Something

In a rush to get to work, you forget to open the garage door and backed right into it. (Hey, it happens.) With collision insurance, you can file a claim for the damage. 

Need to adjust your coverage? Have questions about your deductible? Reach out today to discuss your policy.

5 Responses

  • Thanks for helping me understand how car insurance works! I find it interesting to learn that having comprehensive insurance covers paint damage by vandalism. My friend is interested in purchasing a car this year and he’s curious if there’s a way for him to pay less for repairs. I’ll share this with him so he’d consider getting car insurance.

  • I’m planning to purchase an SUV; that’s why I’m planning to buy auto insurance as well, just to keep me protected. I’m glad to learn that just in case a tree fell off over my car, the insurance company will cover the expenses for its repair. I also never knew that when my car’s paint is damaged or vandalized, these damages will also be covered by them.

  • I’m glad you talked about what regular car insurance covers and what doesn’t. In my opinion, any driver should have at least a regular insurance plan. In that way, they could be sure they’re protected against the basics. Nevertheless, I would say it’s important to look at different coverages and get the ones that better fit you. Thanks for the information on car insurance.

  • i didn’t know that comprehensive insurance covers tree falling damage. I could have used that 2 weeks ago when the storm blew over the oak tree in my backyard onto my car. I’ll have to update my policy to ensure more coverage.

  • I want to make sure that I’m properly insured. It makes sense that I would want to get a professional to help me out with this. That seems like a great way to ensure that I can get everything put together properly.

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