Flood Insurance

Flood damage is NOT covered by your Homeowners or Business Insurance. And in many cases, Federal Disaster Assistance only offers aid disaster victims a loan, which must be repaid…with interest!

Only Federal Flood Insurance reimburses you for flood damage to your property. J.D. Chapman Agency is able to work with you to ensure that with one affordable annual payment, your most important investment…your home or business and its contents…will be protected.

Top Flood Insurance Facts:

  • EVERYONE lives in a flood zone
  • Flood Damage is NOT covered by your Homeowners Policy
  • You can buy insurance no matter your flood risk
  • The low-cost Preferred Risk Policy is ideal for homes and businesses currently mapped in moderate to low risk areas.
  • Flood insurance is available through your local insurance agent, and is easy to purchase
  • There is typically a 30 Day waiting period before Insurance protection goes into effect.

Call us today to ask about the National Flood Insurance Program at 585-394-5482 or 315-986-4062. There is better way to save for a rainy day.