About the Company

J.D. Chapman Agency

Three generations of Chapmans: brothers Bruce and Eric, father John, and Eric's son, Trevor.

In the early days of the Great Depression, Henry Kemp started a small insurance agency on Main Street in Macedon.

In 1958 Mr. Kemp decided to retire and sold the agency to John D. Chapman, a newcomer to Macedon. At that time, the agency staff consisted of John and Doris Chapman and was located in a small room of their home at 39 Victor Road, in Macedon.

In 1973 the small agency had grown to a staff of four and was incorporated as the J.D. Chapman Agency, Inc. at its location at 96 Main Street, Macedon. Over the next 15 years, there were several acquisitions and the agency grew to a staff of nine people. In 1987, the agency moved to a newly constructed building at 66 Main Street, Macedon where they are now located.

In April 2005, the Zonneville Agency of Canandaigua was acquired by the Chapman Agency. A branch office of J.D. Chapman Agency, Inc. was established at 498 N. Main St. Canandaigua and staffed with six people.

Today the agency is run by John and Doris’ sons, Eric and Bruce Chapman, and Eric’s son, Trevor J. Chapman, the third generation, joining the Agency in 2001. Over 4,000 individuals and families and 750 Business Concerns and Farms throughout Western NY and the Finger Lakes area are serviced by J.D. Chapman Agency, Inc.

We at J.D. Chapman Agency, Inc., take great pride in our servicing team. Our team is licensed and able to handle the most complex of insurance issues. As an insured in our office you will be assigned a Customer Service Representative who will handle many of the day to day activities of your account as listed below. Each Customer Service Representative is also your primary contact for claims. We firmly believe that quick turn around and answers in claims are extremely important to our customers, and that is why we take a team approach in servicing your account. Please rest assured that we will always be available for any questions, complaints, or special claims handling as required. It is not our intent to sell you a policy and just disappear from the scene.

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We service the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes Regions, as well as areas throughout the state of New York.

Friendly & Local

With offices conveniently located in Macedon and Canandaigua, we offer all types of Personal and Business Insurance coverages to our clients in New York.

Long History

Established in 1958, J.D. Chapman Insurance Agency has a long history within the community and has been in the family through three generations.


With the help of our dedicated business partners; we conveniently offer an entire solution for all your insurance and business needs.


At J.D. Chapman Agency, each of our clients are given a dedicated team of agents that work together to proficiently address all your concerns.