Top 10 Ways to Save on Your Insurance Rates

Happy woman standing in front of her car with the sun shining behind her

It’s important that you have the right insurance coverage to handle all of your needs. We’ll help you figure out what is the right coverage at a cost that you can afford. Once you have the right coverage, you can start chipping away at your rates by following these ten tips to lower your car insurance:

1. Get quotes annually.

2. Bundle up your insurance. It’s a cold world out there for a single insurance policy. If you have home and auto together, though, they can lean on each other and provide you a discount to boot!

3. Some insurance you don’t need. Get rid of it.

4. A higher deductible means more savings on your premiums.

5. Two words to keep your insurance rates low: Drive Safely.  

6. Bad credit? No credit? It’s a problem. Improve it for better insurance rates.

7. Do you really need the high-end sports car? Minimize risk to the insurance company and cost to yourself by picking a low cost, low maintenance vehicle like a Honda or Toyota.

8. The more the merrier. Choose a Group Insurance Plan for people that live under the same household, are related, or have joint ownership of the car. 

9. Is Pay-as-You-Go or Usage-Based Insurance an option for you? Let us help you figure this out.

10. Ask us About other discounts. We love talking about how to save you money!

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