The Role of the Insurance Claim Adjuster is Played by …

Insurance claims adjuster look at accident damage on front of car

What is an insurance claims adjuster?

A claims adjuster is the person the car insurance company sends to look into the claims that policyholders make. They negotiate settlements, and can also explain why a claim was denied or why they offered a certain settlement amount.

As a driver and an insurance policyholder, here’s what you need to know about claims adjusters:

  • They’re investigators. Their job is to look into the incident involving the policyholders’ vehicles. Claims adjusters determine who is at fault, is it covered, or could it be a case of insurance fraud. Unfortunately, insurance fraud is more common than you would think. If the claim adjuster reaches the conclusion that the incident was indeed fraudulent, then the claim will be denied.
  • They’re insurance company employees. Most claims adjusters work for an insurance company. Their job is to protect and project the interests of their employer. Remember this when you are asking why they decide to not pay a claim or pay less than what you think they should. Some claims adjusters are just contractors sent to negotiate on behalf of an insurance company.
  • Claims adjusters aren’t all bad. They are trying to do their jobs and have to follow a strict claim process to do it. Not all claims adjusters will deny or underpay a claim. In fact, many are trying to help. Just remember, if you are not happy with the verdict the claims adjuster hands down, there are ways to fight it.

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