How to save money on car insurance with teenagers

Teenage girl in driver's seat of silver car
Image by Christoph Müller from Pixabay

Hey teenagers! Put down your phones and listen to this. You can save your parents money on auto insurance by following these tips. And if you do, you may even get more time driving the car.

  1. Academic discounts. Look for them. See if your parents’ current insurance offers them. If not, help them research one that does. You’re probably better searching that stuff up, anyway. Of course, you need to have a 3.0 or higher GPA to qualify for the discounts that most companies offer. So hit the books and save some money.
  2. Older cars are cool, too! By driving an older car instead of the newest luxury vehicle will save money on the insurance bill. As long as it’s a safe vehicle, you may not need full coverage. That can make a difference on the bottom line. And you’re probably going to have at least one minor accident. So be cool about it and don’t worry about physical damage coverage on the car.
  3. Don’t text while driving. Listen to your parents when they talk to you about safe driving. Any accident, big or small, can mean jumps in the cost of insurance coverage. Eliminate distractions while driving so you can focus on the real task at hand – driving.
  4. Watch how your parents drive. They’re setting an example. And if they need a little help along the way to make sure they’re doing the right things while driving. Remind them that you’re trying to help them save money on their insurance.
  5. Offer to meet with the insurance agent the next time your parents head to the insurance office. Talk to the agent about the importance of driving safely and listen to what he or she tells you. You’ll see how big of a deal driving is from interactions like this.
  6. Be ready to shell out some dough to cover your own insurance. Yeah, it’s a drag. But, by helping to cover the cost you get an ownership stake and you’ll start to understand why your parents want to save money on this in the first place.

Listen to your parents before you get behind the wheel. It could save your life and your money.

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