Fender-Bender Fraud: How To Prevent Fraudsters From Targeting You

Close up of car headlamp and hood, both damaged from auto accident.

When a fender bender happens in New York, you want to be prepared. Fraudulent activity happens all the time, and you don’t want someone to take advantage of you. There are different ways that you can protect yourself so that you aren’t taken for all that you have.

One of the best things that you can do is take out your cell phone and begin taking photos. This will help you to capture more about the scene so that it can be used in a court room if necessary. Your phone should date stamp everything, too, so you know the date and time of it all going down.

Many people who try to commit insurance fraud have no desire to get the cops involved. They simply want to exchange insurance information and then get out of there as soon as possible. You want to make sure that you don’t leave until a police officer is on the scene so that they can be an impartial observer to what actually happened. Once you get a report, then you can leave.

Be wary of when someone wants to take instant responsibility for what happened. This is their way of making sure you don’t call the police. Then, when it’s all over and you have left, they have changed their story and it’s now your fault.
Fender benders happen all the time. Sometimes it simply happens and sometimes it was designed to happen so that someone could commit insurance fraud. It is better to take a little extra time at the scene in order to gather information so that you can protect yourself in the event that the other party is a fraudster.

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