Person filling out a survey
Claims Survey

              Claims Survey We had the opportunity to service your account after your recent claim. Please take a minute to fill out this brief questionnaire to help us be certain your needs are being … Read More

Making Smart Money Choices: Auto Insurance

It might be wise to look at your auto insurance the next time you’re looking to save a few bucks. Do you have the right coverage for your vehicle? Auto Insurance is something we all are required to have, but … Read More

two teens driving in car. Driver is looking at cell phone and passenger is talking to driver.
Teens and Distracted Driving Don’t Mix

“My son/daughter just got his/her license.” is a phrase that likely strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who hears it. What comes to mind is an image of total destruction littering the roadway in the wake of this new … Read More

Swimming Pool Safety

  During the warmer summer months, swimming pools are the “go to” for cooling off. And that’s terrific. It is also important to remember that they can also be dangerous. In fact, nationwide, 350 children under age five die and … Read More

dog playing with lizard stuffed toy
Avoiding Dog Bites

If you have a dog, you know that he or she can be considered a part of the family. And family members don’t bite, right? Well, in the case of dogs that isn’t always true. In fact, according to the … Read More

Man grilling hot dogs
Grilling Up Some Safety for Memorial Day

  Memorial Day Weekend is the “unofficial” start of summer. And that can mean only one thing – Grilling! Here are some barbecuing Do’s and Don’ts to help you enjoy all of the foods you’ll be grilling while staying safe … Read More

Do you work from home?

  Do you work from home or are thinking about taking that leap? In this day and age of technology and Internet connectedness it is easier to be at the office without actually being at the office. When it comes … Read More

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